Why use a local broker for your motor insurance?

The rise in internet shopping has perhaps become one of the biggest signs of the times in which we live. Accompanied by a whole array of different comparison websites, this is also true of the way in which many of us buy motor insurance.

But if online shopping for motor insurance is steadily replacing the more traditional role of the high street broker, we may also be losing some of the advantages and benefits of the latter. It may be helpful to examine a few of these benefits.

The benefits of using a broker

The independent financial advice service, set up by the government, the Money Advice Service, makes no bones about the benefits of choosing a broker over the apparent ease and convenience of a comparison website.

“If you want a policy that meets your individual circumstances” the Money Advice Service unequivocally recommends the use of a broker. A number of reasons are offered:

  • it costs no more – you pay no fees, since brokers, just like comparison websites, receive a commission from the insurer for any policies they sell;

  • brokers have the expertise and experience to be able to advise you about the particular policies that are available to suit your particular needs and circumstances;

  • that knowledge is put to use in identifying and finding the policy that most closely matches your requirements;

  • brokers may also be able to tailor particular policies to suit your needs and requirements;

  • when and if you need to make a claim, a broker may help you through the claims process, ensuring that you receive the most appropriate amount in settlement of the claim, with the least degree of worry and anxiety;

  • what the Money Advice Service does not go on to say is that some brokers offer even more attractive deals;

  • this guarantees that any motor insurance quote you may be given online is matched on a like for like basis by the local broker;

  • the deal is restricted to drivers over the age of 21 who have held a full driving licence for at least 12 months;

  • although not every car may qualify for inclusion in such a price match deal, local brokers typically offer alternative schemes likely to be suitable for practically any make or model of motor car;

  • local brokers such as this have typically been established in the area for many years – often considerably longer than any online comparison website.

You may agree that there are evident advantages and benefits to consulting a local broker for your motor insurance needs and welcome the prospect of dealing with a “real” person in an office in your local town, rather than conducting your business with an anonymous and somewhat impersonal online agent.