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Motor Fleet

At the best of times, arranging motor insurance for a vehicle you use in your business is a time-consuming chore – and therefore an expensive one.

If you have a whole fleet of vehicles, that chore becomes even more onerous, as you constantly monitor the cover for each individual vehicle and the various renewal dates throughout the year.

Why motor fleet insurance?

That is where motor fleet insurance might save you considerable hassle, time and therefore money. And bear in mind that every pound you save, of course, helps to boost the bottom-line profits of your business.

Insuring your whole vehicle fleet under one umbrella policy has the following principal advantages:

  • there is only one annual renewal date;
  • you do not need to keep a daily watch on when the renewal on a particular vehicle might fall due – all are covered under the same policy;
  • typical fleet insurance policies allow any employee or driver over a certain age to drive any vehicle insured on the policy;
  • cover might be arranged for typically as few as just three vehicles – putting fleet insurance well within the reach of even quite small businesses;
  • many insurers provide fleet cover for mixed fleets of vehicles, including cars, vans and lorries; and
  • perhaps the most telling advantage, is the money you save on a vehicle by vehicle basis by insuring them all under the one policy.

The advantages may be many, and thanks to the market-wide and in-depth experience of our team at Alan Blunden Insurance Brokers, we can search for the most suitable policy that meets your requirements from our large panel of insurance companies.

Fleet insurance from Alan Blunden

Our dedicated fleet insurance team is able to help you find cover which offers some or all of the following benefits:

  • unlimited mileage on your business fleet of cars;
  • policies available from just 3 vehicles up to any number;
  • cover for mixed fleets of vehicles, including cars, vans, trucks, lorries and heavy plant;
  • payment by direct debit in monthly instalments;
  • all business and pleasure use classes may be included
  • cover for any age of suitably qualified driver.
  • investigate the benefits of motor fleet insurance. It is likely to save you the irritation of constantly checking whether the insurance on individual vehicles is up to date, but above all may save your business valuable time and money.

If you operate more than three vehicles – of any type, category or use class – you might want to

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