Why use a broker for your home insurance?

Let’s face it, buying insurance isn’t the most exciting of things to do. Even the insurers know this. And that is why so many people end up paying more for their cover than they need to.

What generally happens is that you get your home insurance renewal notification through and you may do one of these things:

  1. automatically let the cover renew;
  2. decide to shop around for another deal  – but then decide you cannot be bothered;
  3. decide to shop around for another deal.

In the first two cases, it is this apathy that many insurance companies rely on. And even if you do go for option 3, it can be time consuming actually shopping around. Here’s why …

Phoning around

Phoning up several different insurers for a quote means having to keep giving the same details, such as your name, address, age of the property, details of security locks etc. We can hear you yawning already.

Once you have got several quotes, you then have to ring back and get your cover arranged. This is all really time-consuming.

Comparison sites

Alternatively, you may try using a comparison site – these are the aggregator sites that show up a list of some of the major (but not all) insurance providers all from one search.

The downside (part from a not being able to search the whole marketplace) is that once you have found a quote you like, when you actually click through to the provider, in many cases the quote:

  • will be based on assumptions that don’t apply to you (for example, you have three years no claims bonus);
  • will require you re-entering your personal details all over again.

Again, this is hardly quick.

So, why not let a broker – such as ourselves at Alan Blunden – do all the hard work for you?

Why use an insurance broker?

All you need to do is give us your details – once. Then we’ll do the rest.

We have access to over 30 insurance companies for quotations, so we will do the shopping around for home insurance on your behalf. We will also advise you of the most suitable deals in terms of the cover provided and the cost.

Other benefits include:

  • we can provide quotes for non standard risks;
  • we can quote for cases with previous subsidence / flooding  – the latter is particularly important with all the recent flooding;
  • cover can be for buildings only, contents only or a combined policy for both;
  • we have long standing relationships with these insurers, meaning we can often negotiate special deals;
  • we offer a full service including help if you ever need to claim          .

Finally, we offer a dedicated customer service. This means there are no pressure sales or call centre scripts.

So, next time your home insurance is up for renewal, why not take the easy route and let us find you the most suitable and cost-effective cover? We will be only too pleased to help.