Why go local for insurance?

The internet and all of the ecommerce that has come with it has been responsible for enormous changes in the way in which we shop for goods and services. Some of those changes may have been for the better but some for the worse.

Anonymity …

Shopping on the internet may be fast, generally efficient and conducted from the comfort of your own home. The wonders of the technology, however, guarantee that every purchase you make is done at the kind of distance that amounts almost to anonymity.

There may be times when you choose to trade the click of a button for a telephone call, but this often connects you to a call centre that may be beyond this country’s shores making communication difficult.

… versus the face you know

Your local supplier of goods and services on the other hand is readily identifiable – there is likely to be a shop, office or other premises. More than that, a physical address means that there is more often than not someone there to field your enquiries, discuss your needs and perhaps even listen to your complaints – and compliments!

It may be more than just a personal touch. If you are looking for an insurance broker in Southend, for example, Alan Blunden Insurance not only offers face to face contact with real people but also has deals on your motor and home insurance that may be difficult to beat anywhere else.

A price match for car insurance

We are a local broker in Southend offering a price match pledge on insurance cover for most makes and models of car. Under the scheme, we at Alan Blunden Motor Insurance promise to match the quote for your car insurance that you have found elsewhere, even from the highly competitive online companies operating within the whole of the UK.

If the cover you are looking for does not qualify under this scheme, we are still nevertheless able to arrange alternative insurance for practically any make or model, although you need to be over the age of 21 and to have held your licence for at least 12 months in order to participate in this scheme.

For buildings and contents insurance, we can access a wide range of suitable and cost-effective cover to provide all round protection to your home.

Local insurance for local people

There is a time and a place and an acknowledged role for the major online brokers, but if you are looking for the specialised, personal touch of a local provider, then it may come as no surprise that such services are reserved for local people.

The next time you want to arrange your home or motor insurance, or a renewal comes around, you might want to take advantage of our locally established service, on your doorstep in Southend.