We specialise in combined fleet insurance

Alan Blunden Fleet Insurance specialise in providing motor fleet insurance for combined fleets.

Our tailor made fleet insurance solutions can provide cover for any mixture of vehicles including:

  • Cars
  • Small Vans
  • Large Vans
  • Haulage Trucks
  • Taxi’s
  • Motorcycles
  • Minibuses

Our Insurers rate each potential fleet insurance policy we present to them on an individual basis based upon the expert information we have gathered from our customer by our fleet insurance specialists.

Our combined fleet insurance policies can cater for any number of vehicles from 3 upwards and the mixture of vehicles to be included within the fleet insurance policy does not concern our Insurer Panel.

Our clients often find themselves with a mixture of vehicles which need to be insured on their fleet insurance.

For example a client may have 4 vans used for the day to day business but also 2 executive cars which are driven by the Directors and perhaps even a mini bus used for taking staff to sites or just for social events. This type of combined fleet insurance can be a challenge for many Insurance Brokers as they may only specialise in one type of motor fleet insurance.

Here at Alan Blunden we are Fleet Insurance specialists so we are able to offer terms for any type of fleet insurance not just restricted areas of the fleet insurance market.

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