We handle HGV fleets

Many Fleet Insurance Brokers try and steer clear of HGV Fleets as they can be hard work to capture in the first instance and then the ongoing demands of the HGV Fleet client can be higher than other fleet types.

Here at Alan Blunden we have the time and resources to allocate our HGV Motor Fleet Insurance clients an individual account handler who will look after you throughout the life of your HGV fleet insurance. This will include dealing with your adjustments and helping you make claims.

Your HGV Fleet Insurance Account Handler will look for claims trends and may suggest improvements you can make to your systems and controls – if these suggestions can help you save time and money then it is always worth listening to our HGV fleet insurance experts!

Your Fleet Insurance Account Handler will also listen to you – we have found out through our research that this can be a rare commodity which is surprising.

How can we ensure you get the HGV fleet insurance services you require if we do not take the time to actually listen?

A number of fleet insurers will also avoid HGV Fleets because of their own poor experiences but we see it as our mission to convince these fleet insurance companies that your motor fleet insurance is right for them – something we very much pride ourselves on.

Contact us now to discuss your HGV Fleet Insurance needs with one of our HGV Fleet Insurance Experts on 0800 781 9790 or click here.