We do minibus fleet insurance

What sort of image do minibuses conjure up to you as a Fleet Insurance customer?

  • Cost effective way to get from A to B
  • Ideal for staff events
  • Great for moving office furniture
  • Great for trips to France

From a Fleet Insurance Company’s point of view would these be fair images?

  • Large personal injury exposure?
  • Expensive parts?
  • Have the seat belts been used?
  • Stolen for export?
  • Expensive to repair?

From a Minibus Fleet Insurance Specialists perspective all of the above statements have some kind of merit and justification as our own experiences have shown us over the years.

It is our job as fleet insurance specialists to ensure our client is taking every precaution they can – whilst not interfering with their business in anyway – and ensuring that the fleet insurance company is comfortable with the risk and confident that our mutual client (you) is taking on board our own advice and current legislation relating to the use of minibuses is also being adhered to.

Alan Blunden know about minibuses and we also know how to negotiate fleet insurance for them whether they be specific minibus fleets or if one or two minibuses need to be insured under a combined fleet insurance.

The purchase of a minibus may only be something you are considering at present, before you commit to buy please pick up the telephone and ask your fleet insurance broker for their advice – you will be surprised to know that brokers who offer minibus fleet insurance know quite a lot about these subjects!

So whether it is a minibus fleet insurance of a combined fleet insurance you require, phone one of our fleet insurance specialists now on free phone 0800 781 9790 or click here.