Save money on your fleet insurance

fleet-thumbWhat do you imagine as a fleet of vehicles – more than a hundred, more than fifty, more than ten?

Did you know it might be as few as just three vehicles? At least, that is what we say here at Alan Blunden Insurance Brokers. Saving money on your motor fleet insurance might start with just a handful of vehicles – from HGVs, to trucks and vans, and even the cars you use for your business:

How might it be saving you money?

  • insurers generally appreciate loyalty – the more you insure with the same provider, the greater your chances of earning a discount on each risk you cover;
  • a vehicle fleet provides the perfect example of this principle – instead of insuring one vehicle at a time, you might cash in on the discounts available for insuring all the vehicles under the same umbrella;
  • there are immediate and obvious economies in getting such a discount, but there are other potential savings too;
  • with fleet insurance, you have just a single renewal date and may avoid the constant monitoring of individual renewals and the risk of overlooking one when the time comes around – this takes time and effort, two commodities which are precious to any striving business;

What to consider

  • if you are looking to take advantage of the potential economies by insuring the whole of your vehicle fleet – whether that is numbered in just a few vehicles or hundreds – you might want to consult an expert, specialist insurance provider;
  • here at Alan Blunden, for instance, we have many years of experience in matching the particular needs of vehicle fleet operators with the appropriate products available in this niche of the insurance market;
  • not only might the size of your fleet be relatively small, but you may also have a mixture of vehicles – from HGVs, to trucks and vans and even company cars;
  • whatever the combination in your own particular case, fleet insurance may be tailored to meet your specific needs;
  • along with the number of vehicles you want to insure, a further factor affecting the cost of your insurance is the number of drivers you employ for those vehicles and the driving record which each driver has;
  • if you are in a position to restrict cover to named drivers only – if you have a more or less regular team, rather than having to employ drivers on an ad hoc or seasonal basis – you are likely to enjoy a discount on your insurance premiums;
  • as with many other forms of general insurance, the more you have done to mitigate the risk of loss or damage, the greater your chances of earning further discounts on the cost of your cover;
  • in the case of commercial vehicles, this might include immobilisation devices, intruder alarms, video cameras and – increasingly – use of more sophisticated GPS tracking services.

If you are a haulage operator with more than just two or three vehicles to insure, motor fleet insurance may prove both a time and money saving option.