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If you have a motorhome you are probably raring to take to the open road and explore to your hearts desires.

Before getting behind the wheel and driving off, though, you must spare more than a second thought for motorhome insurance.

What is motorhome insurance?

Why do you need it? Because insurance is a legal necessity. Just as you need a minimum third party insurance to drive any other vehicle, so too do you need at least that level of cover for your motorhome.

But your motorhome insurance is designed to do much more than this. The risks in owning and driving a motorhome are by no means limited to third party claims. As with your own car, you may want to extend protection to include accidental damage to a vehicle on which you are likely to have spent a significant sum of money.

Add to these risks of accidental damage, still further risks relating to the way you use your motorhome and the heightened value of its contents – compared to your car, for example – and you may soon come to realise just how motorhome insurance provides many of the safeguards you truly need.

What does motorhome insurance cover?

There are a number of elements you might want to check before committing to any one insurance policy:

  • accidental damage is likely to be a given, of course, but does this extend to vandalism, a pan fire inside your motorhome or broken windows;
  • break-ins and theft – the contents of your motorhome may be more valuable than you think and putting a value on all the pieces of kit and equipment you may have accumulated over the years is important;
  • if you are planning to be driving your motorhome in Europe, you need to check that your insurance policy covers such use;
  • what level of breakdown and roadside assistance cover might you need? Being left stranded by the side of the road is a certain way of putting a major damper on any holiday;
  • a broken windscreen may be one of the most common incidents to force you over to the side of the road, so what windscreen replacement cover do you have and how quickly is it likely to be repaired so that you may resume your journey once again; and
  • does your insurance policy provide sufficient cover you may need to pay potentially expensive legal fees if you become involved in a dispute with another road user, camper or member of the public.

Why choose us?

Here at Alan Blunden Insurance Brokers we have the expertise and experience you may need in negotiating the sometimes complex ways of motorhome insurance.

We aim to secure the cover you need at a price you are going to find competitive and which offers good value for money.

To find out how we can help you with your motorhome insurance, please contact our team of experts by calling us on 01702 826060.