Looking for home insurance in Southend?

Enter the terms “home insurance UK” into a popular internet search engine such as Google and a mind-boggling 322,000,000 results are likely to be returned! It might be a question of looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack, to find the insurance policy that precisely suits your particular needs, requirements – and pocket.

If you live anywhere in or near the area, why not narrow your search by specifically looking for home insurance in Southend? By narrowing down your quest to such a relatively local area you might discover a range of benefits and advantages not otherwise offered by the giant undertakings with the most prominent listings on the internet.

Here at Alan Blunden Home Insurance we can help show you how to do just that. Working in Southend and its environs for the past 68 years, we have gained a personal knowledge of:

  • the construction methods, materials and design of many of the residential and commercial buildings in the area;
  • the people living here and the broad range of expectations and wishes they have when it comes to insuring their homes and contents; and
  • an intimate knowledge of the wide spectrum of insurance policies available in the market – allowing us to match cover to the particular needs of property owners.

Because we are locally-based, that also means that we are always close at hand to offer face to face advice and guidance to personal callers – a service that may otherwise be difficult to find in this age of long-distance internet business. You might find the opportunity to shrug off the anonymity of the internet and deal directly with real people.

That personal touch might be even more welcome if anything goes wrong and you need to make a claim on your home insurance. Imagine the potential frustration of dealing with your claim through impersonal agents, still worse, perhaps, resigning yourself to an interminable wait whilst you try to get through to a call centre.

With your own local insurance agents right here in Southend, you are able to talk directly to someone who is already familiar with your home insurance cover and the protection you have arranged.

Face to face contact may be something you welcome, but that is not to say that we are trapped in some kind of time-warp – we are also internet savvy and if you prefer to use our website, you may request an insurance quote, read about the products we offer or simply drop us an email.

The choice is yours – though you may take some satisfaction from the fact that whatever internet business you wish to conduct with us, we are still only a stone’s throw away from your own front door.