Haulage. This word doesn’t scare us off!

Haulage. This word alone is sometimes enough to scare off even the largest of Fleet Insurance Companies.


There are numerous reasons why a Fleet Insurance Company decides not to look at Haulage Fleets, the more common known reasons they offer us are:–

  • Vehicle Values
  • Accident recovery issues
  • Repair costs
  • Increased exposure to larger personal injury claims
  • Foreign use issues
  • Misunderstanding of current Haulier regulations
  • Smaller vehicle numbers

Although we have fewer Motor Fleet Insurance companies offering terms for Haulage risks than ever before here at Alan Blunden we do have access to numerous insurers who do wish to offer competitive rates on Haulier Fleet Insurance, don’t let your current fleet insurance broker convince you that they have already exhausted the haulier fleet insurance market – you need to sure that your motor fleet insurance broker has obtained the best rates and terms for your Hauliers’ Fleet Insurance.

Contact us and discuss your needs and we will endeavour to obtain improved terms for your fleet insurance.

The only cost to us both at quotation stage is time and effort and as long as you can give us some of your time and share the information we need about your hauliers’ fleet insurance we will then put 100% of our best efforts into obtaining quotations for your haulier fleet insurance.

During the quotation process we will keep you updated along the way so you know how we are performing and how our quotations are beginning to form.

Finding a new home for your fleet insurance is our job and our hassle and not yours – remember this if you are unhappy with your current fleet insurance broker.