Green cards – A great fleet insurance word

Green cards, now that is a great fleet insurance word…

But does anyone other than fleet insurance companies and fleet insurance brokers know what it refers to?

A Green card is the required extension of cover you need on your fleet insurance if you are going to take any of the vehicles abroad for business or for pleasure.

With the modern EU you do not actually need a “Green Card” as most insurers accommodate the required wording on the rear of their certificates of fleet insurance.

It was not that long ago the poor fleet insurance brokers actually had to handwrite out green coloured cards – a practice that has now ceased thank goodness.

For non Haulage risks a lot of fleet insurance companies include a certain amount of foreign use but sometimes only for pleasure purposes.

Did you know that if you have not got the right cover you may have no fleet insurance if your vehicles travel abroad or very restricted cover if you have not advised your fleet insurance broker of your intended journey.

Please make sure that if you do have automatic cover that your drivers do know any restrictions which may apply and that for that trip they carry their fleet insurance certificate with them as proof of existing extension of cover.

If you do not have automatic cover make sure that your drivers know the fleet insurance does not offer them Green Card cover automatically – don’t assume that they know by word of mouth.

After all you do not want a day trip to France to cost you and your fleet insurance company the earth because the trip was not disclosed, and you did not have green card cover.