Getting great car insurance in Southend

Sometimes, support for your local business might seem fine in theory, but less of a good idea in practice. You may find you have to pay over the odds, with better deals on offer from national suppliers – and all this simply to satisfy the notion of supporting local enterprise.

Here at Alan Blunden Motor Insurance we have come up with a solution to your quandary – why pay more when you might get your car insurance just as affordably by shopping locally. How do we do it?

Price match

The answer lies in our commitment to local motorists* to try and match the price of any like for like car insurance policy you might find elsewhere – and that includes the big, national operators, with the slickest of websites, internet deals, and the most tempting of offers.

With a promise such as this, therefore, you are free to surf around for the best of deals that the internet has to offer in the knowledge that it may be matched by your local broker. Not only are you able to do your bit in supporting the local economy, but doing yourself a favour, too, by purchasing your motor insurance at the most cost-effective price available.

One of the few qualifications for participation in the scheme is that you are over 21 years old and have held a driving licence for at least a year.

Not every model and make of vehicle is covered in our price match scheme, but we have other policies available for which a quote may be given on any vehicle.

Local business

We recognise your support for local business and we want to keep it that way. Although we aim to match them on price, we have no interest in competing head-on with national car insurance providers. And that’s why we limit our price match pledge to clients living within a 25 mile radius of our offices here in Southend.

Getting your car insurance in Southend, near where you live, also has one particular advantage that no exclusively online insurance provider is able to offer – and that is the opportunity for face to face contact with the people actually arranging your cover. That personal contact might prove invaluable, not only when you are seeking advice on the car insurance you need, but also for help and assistance if ever you need to make a claim.

Ever since our business was set up in Southend as long ago as 1946, we have taken pride in the personal service we offer to local residents – it is the kind of service we strive to offer today.

* living within a 25 mile radius of Southend