Christmas games for the family!

Family All Together At Christmas DinnerChristmas is a-coming and the goose in Southend is getting fat, thanks to the attention of the whole team at Alan Blunden Insurance Brokers.

Helping us to get into the festive spirit, team members have also been reminiscing about their favourite games for the family at Christmas time. Here are some of the potentially most entertaining, which might also discourage anyone from napping after lunch.

Who’s telling the truth

You might want to start off with this one, since it can be played whilst you are all sat around the Christmas table and probably finding it difficult to move.

One of your number has to write down three things about themselves – two true statements and one false.

Everyone else has to try to come to a consensus about which of the statements is false by questioning the key player in turn. Beware that the group is unlikely to spare your blushes as you fire off the questions to lift the veil between fact and fiction.

Quite refreshing

This is one that might also appeal to the younger members of the family – since it involves one unfortunate member getting a shot of water tipped over their head (you might want to make the shot small, therefore, like an eggcup or very small cup size).

It is played by one member of the group choosing a category of say the books written by a particular author, films made by a particular actor or even places visited on holiday by some member of the party. The person choosing the category also gets to “lock” in his or her mind a particular example from the chosen category.

The eggcup full of water is held over the head of each of the party in turn as the name an example from the category that has been chosen. As soon as someone chooses the example which the first player has locked in his or her mind, they get the water poured over their head.

Pass the orange

A favourite that seems to crop up whenever party games are mentioned is pass the orange – or apple, depending on whatever fruit is closest to hand.

The rules of the game are probably known by everyone and couldn’t be simpler – pick two teams and just pass the fruit from person to person without touching it by hand between neck and chin. If it is dropped, the fruit has to be returned to the first person and you start all over again.

The team to win is the one that sees the fruit pass successfully down the whole line of the team.

Hunt the thimble

It is these simplest of games that appear to have best stood the test of time

In hunt the thimble, it doesn’t have to be a thimble of course but can be any small object previously hidden by the Christmas host and searched for by everyone else – finders keepers.

Traffic lights

If there were more than six people sat around your dinner table, you might want to split the group into three teams and name them after the colours of traffic lights – red, amber and green

With each team member wearing a blindfold, mix everyone together. The object of the game is for all the reds, all the ambers and all the greens to identify each other and form their home group simply by shouting out the colour – warning: this game can become pretty noisy!