Motor fleet insurance FAQs

What is a motor fleet? A vehicle fleet comprises multiple vehicles – cars, trucks, vans, heavy goods vehicles, of a combination of all of these. There is no strict definition of the number of vehicles there need to be in order to comprise a fleet, but common usage suggests that the number might be as […]

Classic car shows to look forward to in 2016

One of the great things about being a classic car enthusiast is just how many shows and events there are the whole year round in practically every part of the country. Here is just a tiny selection of those for 2016. 20th March – Bentley Drivers Day, Surrey Your chance to see classic Bentleys being […]

Top 5 tips for saving money on your classic car insurance

If you own a classic car, insurance is almost certain to prove something of a headache. For starters, there is no universal or even commonly accepted definition of just what is a classic car. Classic Car Buyer, for example, goes to some lengths to define the essential characteristics: it is at least 30 years old; […]

What is a fleet insurance policy?

You don’t need a huge number of vehicles in order to take advantage of the many benefits of motor fleet insurance. Indeed, your business is likely to thank you for making a lot easier the chore of insuring them, keeping the cover up to date and finding good value for money, discounted, insurance. It might […]

Guide to Southend business insurance

If you are running a business in Southend or its surrounding area, there are one or two insurance implications – just as anywhere else in the country – which you need to take on board as a matter of law. The Association of British Insurers (ABI) identifies these as: Employers’ liability insurance – the law […]

Save money on your fleet insurance

What do you imagine as a fleet of vehicles – more than a hundred, more than fifty, more than ten? Did you know it might be as few as just three vehicles? At least, that is what we say here at Alan Blunden Insurance Brokers. Saving money on your motor fleet insurance might start with […]

Guide to classic car insurance

The uninitiated might be surprised to discover the intensity of the debate that rages over just what makes a classic car. Classifications such as veteran (any vehicle made before 1918) or vintage (between 1919 and 1930) may be precise enough, but the definition of a classic car remains altogether more vague. Unless you are an […]

Motor Fleet Insurance FAQs

Practically any business is likely to depend in some shape or form on having access to motor transport. Frequently this extends to more than one vehicle. The following are some FAQs, therefore, on motor fleet insurance. What is it? Fleet insurance relies on the simple principle of including more than one vehicle under the same, […]

Top tips when buying classic car insurance

Did you know that classic car insurance is frequently cheaper than the premiums you pay for standard motor insurance? Frequently, this is less a case of classifying the car as a classic – a definition on which there is in any case no universal agreement – but the way in which such vehicles tend to […]

Buying your insurance – the benefits of going local

If you are looking for insurance, whether for your car, home or business, in this age of instant shopping via the internet, you might think your cheapest option is to go to a price comparison website or an insurer directly. While there is nothing wrong in doing so, after all shopping around for your cover […]