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What is classic car insurance? It all depends on just what is meant by a classic car. Yet finding a universally acknowledge definition is like opening a whole can of worms.

If only insurers were as flexible and imaginative as the ordinary man in the street about the way cars are classified. Take classic cars, for example, which most people recognise as vehicles of particular interest, value or rarity, generally – but not necessarily – beyond a certain age.

Many motor insurers seem to be thrown by such generally loose definitions and much prefer to extend cover only for common and widely bought mass-produced cars. And if they are prepared to insure a classic car at all there may be a hefty hike in the price of the premiums.

Classic car insurance

That is what makes purpose designed classic car insurance such a niche product and one on which you might want a specialist broker such as ourselves at Alan Blunden Insurance Brokers to advise you.

We have the experience and expertise to find you the most appropriate and cost-effective classic car cover for your own unique needs by understanding:

  • your particular definition of a classic car and just what makes it a classic in your eyes;
  • the vehicle is likely to be older than 15 years or so, but might be any make or model that you consider marks it out as a classic example of its kind;
  • the importance of reaching agreement with you on a realistic valuation for insurance purposes.

We have the inside knowledge, expertise and experience to match your needs and requirements with the appropriate motor insurance available by identifying the most suitable classic car insurance based on such factors as the valuation, annual mileage, any modifications that might have been made to the vehicle, and how and where it is stored.

So while for some classic car insurance providers a hard and fast definition of what defines a classic car may be as elusive as ever, at Alan Blunden Insurance Brokers we will discover exactly what cover you need and match your requirements to a suitable classic car insurance policy.

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